#AtoZChallenge - Exhausted - sEEk rEfrEshmEnt

Welcome back, everyone! I hope you had a good first rest Sunday of the month, and had a good Easter or start to Passover if you're into those kinds of things.

As a refresher, or intro to our new guests, my theme this year is interactive fiction. So every day I'm writing a brief bit of a story and my commenters get to vote on where it goes next! I will give you the options at the end of the 'chapter', and you just tell me what storyline you want to follow :) To get the back story, see where we started at A.

Based on the voting from Saturday, everyone needed a rest! Let's see where Amy's path takes her next..

Amy dabbed at her teary eyes with Cal's handkerchief and gasped as the inside of the shop was flooded with the sights and sounds of the bazaar. The hourglass disappeared from the table, as did the dust of her father. She gazed longingly at the spot on the floor where his essence had so recently been. Cal's bottle was laying just next to the spot, so she bent to pick it up.

She stood with bottle in hand and met the shopkeeper's eye. The glittery cork was still in her pocket. He accepted both with a knowing look as Amy asked, "Sir, where can I get some tea?"

"You sit, miss. I will get you some tea," he said, ushering her into a seat near another small table. From here Amy was able to see the objects she'd been pondering earlier and wondered what, if anything, would have been different about her experience with them. Before long, the kind man brought her a tray with two types of tea on it, and asked which she wanted to try..

"Let me tell you the teas, and you tell me which to make:
This Fennel tea is grounding. It will bring you back to earth. Keep you here.
The Freesia is uplifting. It will raise your spirit. It is very comforting."

So which will it be, readers? Comment below and I will tally up your votes after 8pm Mountain Time to decide what happens on F day tomorrow!

Voting has closed for this post! Please visit the Freesia Tea post to continue reading :)