#AtoZChallenge - Hurry! Follow the girl!

Amy gave the dancing doll in the mirror one last quick glance before turning on her heel to follow the little girl down the hallway. She didn't know what to make of Cal's warning to "...be watching for the man in white.." but now that she'd seen him, she couldn't not follow him. Especially since the little girl had seemed to go that direction so willingly. And who was the little girl? Where was she? And how was she here? It seemed that following the girl was the only way to get answers, and so she must go.

Her slippered feet went quietly down the hall, though she was moving quite quickly to try to catch up. The girl turned right down a side corridor. Amy followed, and then stopped dead in her tracks. The girl was sitting in a windowed alcove, replete with plush cushions. The windows looked out over a rocky beach leading to the sea. Which sea?, Amy wondered. Gray rocks contrasted with the crystalline blue-green of the water below in a manner both delightful and stark.

The little girl laughed and waved Amy over, indicating that she should join her on the cushions. Amy obeyed, settling in next to the small creature. "What is your name?" she asked.

"Irena, of course! How silly you are, to ask that question!"

"Silly?" Amy asked.

"Yes! You are my best playfriend! How could you forget my name?" Irena asked, sticking out a petulant lip.

"Well, I guess I am silly, then! Shall we play a questions game?" Amy said, hoping the girl would take the bait.

"Yes! I love questions!"

"Wonderful," Amy said. What should she Inquire?
"Can you show me your favorite place Inside this building?"
"Tell me the story of your name, Irena?"
"Where do those shIps go?" (I know that's a weak I hahaha.. Give a girl a break!)

Ok! Tell me your choice for what question to ask Irena, by 8pm Mountain Time (or after - total honesty: I haven't been writing till the next morning :) ) and we'll see where Irena's answers take us!

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