#AtoZChallenge - Dear old Dad

"Cal.. My father passed away when I was a little girl. Can you bring him back to me?" Amy asked.

"Ohh Sugar. I do wish you'd have asked for diamonds. They're so much safer. I can't bring him back forever, but you can see him one more time. Close those pretty eyes."

Amy did as she was told, shutting her eyes, and squeezing them even tighter to keep from accidentally peeking as she felt a sudden dropping sensation in the pit of her belly. "Open your eyes, Sugar. You have until the hourglass empties. No touching, and please, don't hold it against me..."

Amy opened her eyes and found that the interior of the shop had dimmed and she could no longer hear the din of the Bazaar outside. Sitting on the table was an hourglass filled with blue glittering sand, pouring through at an alarming rate. She didn't have much time.

In front of her was an almost-skeleton wearing her father's favorite suit. Dry skin stretched taught over the skull left him looking emaciated, but it was definitely him. The little pin she'd stuck to his suit when he was buried was still attached and though his eye sockets were hollowed and empty they seemed to look at her kindly. "Ohh Daddy, I've missed you so much! I.. I have so much to tell you! Mom, is doing ok. She remarried, but oh I hope you don't mind. He's a nice man. And, I went to college, and now I'm traveling, to explore the world just like you always said I should. We're in India, Daddy. Did you ever go to India? ...You can't talk. Well. I just wanted to tell you I love you. And I miss you. And.. I.."

Amy broke down sobbing. The suited figure reached a hand toward her, and just as she glanced back up the timer ran out. He dropped into a pile of dust, and was gone. Cal appeared and handed her a silvery handkerchief.

"Well, Sugar. That's it. Sorry to duck out on you, but I really have to go. Places to be and all that. Thanks for letting me out to stretch my legs. And Sugar, I shouldn't be tellin' you this, but what you really need to be watching for is the man in white, ok? Bye now!" With a flounce of the feathers at his rump, Cal was gone.

Shocked at having just seen her father again, Amy was at a loss for what to do. 
She's Exhausted - she should sEEk rEfreshment.
Take a brEather before heading out into the bazaar - Examine more Eccentric objects.

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