Special fact about me: I had three baby teeth with no adult teeth to grow in under them. (That means I'm a more evolved human! Ha!) It also means that I've had to get tooth implants to replace the baby teeth, which got pulled when I got my braces in college. So yesterday I got the last post put in, which will allow me to have a full set of chompers for the first time since my Junior year of college. Pro: I will soon be able to chew better. Con: days of soft food diet as the site starts to heal (pro: Icecream!).

My favorite thing to eat when on a soft food diet is a shake made from vanilla icecream, Silk chocolate soy milk, a banana and a couple Tbsp of peanut butter. Heaven. Also, this go-around polenta is making the list as it is oh-so-versatile and pairs well with many other soft foods. Who says being on a mush diet means you have to stop being a foodie?

On a note that is only related because it involves food, here is another selection from the writing project. This came from some friends' suggestions that I write about people without children giving parents advice:

The nerve! Today I was at the grocery store and this hussy with one of those tramp stamps told me I shouldn’t be feeding my baby a cookie. My baby was hungry! He wasn’t going to make it through the rest of the trip without screaming, so I got him a cookie from the package and let him eat it, right there in aisle three. My baby, he smiled and smiled.. He was so happy. And then this young thing walks past me with her big diamond ring and her flat little no-baby belly and told me what to do with my boy! She said he was too young, and if I were to feed him sweets they should at least be organic. Puh-leeze. I grew up on Oreos, and I’m just fine! Besides, there’s nothing that could break a mother’s heart like big hungry tears rolling down those sweet cheeks. I’ll do anything I can to keep him from feeling like his belly is empty. I didn’t say anything back, but once that girl has a baby of her own, she’ll understand. She’ll know I was doing right by him. She’ll see her baby smile and she’ll know.

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As promised, here is a bit of one of the things I wrote during my project with Victor this last month. This is the first installment of a story called Ringer and is actually what I wrote on the very first day:

She walked into the shop with a confused look on her face. “..is this someplace where I can make a phone call?” Ringer shook his head, “No ma’am. We just sell old phones. Get that question a lot though. I usually tell the crazies to try that one over there.” Her eyes lit up when she saw the old-fashioned hook phone. “Can I try it?” “It ain’t hooked up or nothin’... But be my guest.” Ringer sighed and turned around to give her some privacy. He heard her fingers fumbling with the rotary dial. She mumbled a couple of words, and moment later he heard the clack-thump of the hand piece being dropped and bumping against the cabinet. The girl was gone. Ringer bent down to replace the handset and was startled to hear a dial tone...

As always, everything on the blog is copyrighted, so please don't steal this and try to make it your own. Thanks!


Blueberry Bread

Woo! Playing with my format! The previous version of my blog is a template that was a gift from my friend Jacob. He made it for me about 5 years ago, so I've decided it is time for it to have its rest. I've messed about with the template a lot today and am not yet totally pleased, so bear with me as I finesse it in the next couple weeks.

This week I am going to post several of the pieces I wrote for the writing project with my friend Victor. Several people on my FB have expressed interest, so.. Ask and you shall receive!

But first, some foodie love. Our aluminum pans have seen better days, so I splurged and got a ceramic bread pan. It will never rust, which I can definitely appreciate. Plus, it's so very pretty!

So here is a picture of its inaugural use - Blueberry Bread. I adapted this recipe (a lot) by using buttermilk instead of sour cream, a fairly different mix of flours, and baking in a bread pan rather than muffin tin. And, of course, adding streusel. Mmm.. Good way to start a week, eh?