so, i made it through the week. happily with no more black spots. a little grey, but no great black pits of despair about school, etc. got to stay up most of the night (till 7am) with a bunch of my students at the queer-in overnight. which was very much fun.. i don't really do the whole staying up all night thing, especially when i'm already sleep deprived, but i decided there should be some staff there just in case, so i stayed. we played through my whole box of apples to apples. yay.

i've decided my weekend will consist mostly of doing things that don't require my brain. it needs a rest. as does my body. i am going to sleep, and watch movies, bake tasty things, and look forward to going to NY and home. appreciated and a little bit necessary? definitely. indulgent? heck yeah. def. excited for this. :)


this pretty much is me the last few days:

extremely frustrated with school stuff. with professors who don't seem to care, with projects that seem pointless and unstimulating.. my mood was pretty black for a couple of days.
things are looking up a bit. but this is me saying that at 9:30 as i'm just starting to write a paper that is due tomorrow. the black may return. am hoping not, as it's absolutely my least favorite feeling.. but cross your fingers. we'll see.