re: the many questions about how to get glasses in korea.
it's really fairly simple!
to get glasses in korea:
1) enlist the services of a friend who speaks both korean and english
2) wander around being amazed at the cheapness of frames, and resist the urge to buy 3 or 4 pairs
3) enjoy the glory of a completely *free* eye exam that does not involve a puff of air in your eyeball
4) try not to trip over yourself as you adjust to having new glasses for the first time in ages
5) be very very happy about the glasses, as pink eye may be in your near future :P

also.. i have not been online for the last few days, b/c our internet went 'out' again.. hah. next time we should make sure the modem has not come disconnected from the wall before getting up in arms about having no internet. we are all brilliant people in apartment 106.


ok. so. it's been a while. let's start with HAPPY BIRTHDAY DYLAN!! holy *crap* my little brother is 15! technically it's still his birthday where all y'all are.. wow. funny how i still think of my lil bros as being so small, when in reality they're both bigger than me.

we went to busan a week and a half ago. i spent saturday wandering around youngsan university and then other places in busan with a professor/student affairs guy from the university, then hooked up with my bro and our friend michelle (who is from busan) for some fun on sunday. i don't have any good pictures of myself from that weekend, so you only get to see other people ;)

this is a picture of a little corner of the university that i enjoyed finding. the school is pretty much in the middle of the mountains, so everywhere you look there are lots of trees, and the hill it's on pretty much kicks bascom hill's butt.

on sunday we started the day by wandering around the international market in busan, as well as the fish market there. busan is the biggest port in korea, so a lot of things come through there. including these darlings that greeted us upon entering the fish market

this is michelle with two of her best friends from growing up. they were adorable. she calls them pancake and BB (big boobs). you can guess which is which. BB didn't speak any english, but did speak japanese, so i had an enjoyable afternoon chatting with her and translating bits of english conversation into japanese for her. was super fun to practice!

cute picture of tim and michelle. happened to catch it just at the right moment. love it when that happens!

obligatory picture of adorable students.. this is another one of my favorite classes. they're crazy all over the place, but they're super fun, and seem to relish in teaching me korean words.

and this... drum roll please.. is me in my new uber geeky super cute glasses, on our fabulous orange couch :)

and that. that, my friends, is an update.