A to Z Reflections!

April 2014.. What a month! What a month...

Y'all, life decided it was not going to be put on hold for April A-Z! Between a cold, travel for work, a 1,500 person event to run, and my whole family descending on us for the last week of April, it's been... a bit nuts. I'll be honest - there were a couple days I wasn't sure I was going to make it through A-Z, even though I was a co-host. But I did! Z was realllly late, but it all got written, all the emails were answered, and I survived.

Some thoughts..
* There is this beautiful thing called CTRL+F or APPLE+F that allows you to find things (hence, F) on a webpage. After a month of answering the A-Z info email, I feel like this advice should be blinking on every co-host's forehead, blog header, post, etc. My amusement with how many times I was asked how to find someone on the list brought my husband to start suggesting A-Z blog post titles: "Awesome! Ctrl+F lets me find myself on the list!" "Boy, oh boy that ctrl+F sure is useful!" "Ctrl +F - your best friend", etc. Lookout folks, it just might happen next year!
* Being a co-host is a BUSY thing to do! But it's also pretty awesome and totally worth it. The co-host team (as you probably know by now) is full of some rockin' people, with cool ideas and great blog content. It's been fun to be a part of the team.
* As a sub-note to the being busy part (and also the life-chaos part), I didn't get to visit as many people as I wanted to this year.  I'm hoping to remedy that a bit with the Road Trip and visiting some Reflections posts this week.
* It's fun to teach people how to use Twitter chats! I had a great time chatting with everyone, especially our regulars. Much cake and caffeine were had by all :)
* My wHooligans were absolutely essential to my survival this month! They were my boots on the ground when life got crazy, so thank you so much to Tamara, Shilpa, Elsie, LuAnn, Kripali, and Helen!

I was pretty impressed with the posts this year. They made me laugh, taught me things, that took me to new worlds, and a few that made me tear up a bit. I think that's the best thing about A-Z: finding folks that make you think in a new way, even if for just one letter. It's an inspirational Hop to be a part of!

How about you all, do you have any feedback for us? Did you write a post with reflections on A-Z? Check out the sign-up page and add your link to the list if you wrote a Reflection post! We love your feedback :)

Thanks for a great month everyone!