oh goodness, what a horrible blogger i have been! here i went, sending out a link to this goofy thing to a ton of people, and i haven't even put anything up yet.

u of i is fantastic. i have a bunch of coworkers that rock my socks, and a building that is going to be very interesting. i'm excited about all the trees on this campus, as well as the juggling opportunities :) also, my apartment is gorgeous:

so there you go. a post. YAY!
we're heading into RA training next week, so my life will be even more hectic (if you can even imagine that..) but i'll try to be better about this.

oh! and CONGRATULATIONS Freddy and Mai on your marriage!! i so much wish i could have been there, but alas, i dont think my bosses would have let me skip training my RAs to be hauling around japan for a couple of weeks. much love and best wishes to you! ^-^