Six Word Saturday

Indy author publicity -
mistakes, learning, winning.

Now that we have the book published, we've started doing more 'publicity' and figuring out our (my) branding. Yes, I know people say we should have started that before we actually published.. But this is one of those hindsight things :)

Have spent a bunch of time getting the book and our author pages (me, Dan) up on Goodreads, and this week I contacted a small local bookstore about carrying some copies. They didn't sound too optimistic, but offered to start with three and see how we do! It seems that previous attempts with local authors involved prices that were prohibitively high, so they were pleased at our low price and at our nostalgia factor. Hopefully it works out!


Guest Post!

G'mornin' everyone! I have a guest post up over at the Blogging from A-Z site today (permalink). It's about how we came to write the book, and how A-Z played a bit of a part in that.

For those bloggers out there I highly encourage you to check them out. A-Z is a load of fun and a great way to meet other cool blogging types! For my buddies I met through A-Z last year - hi :) Are you participating this spring?