congratulations, oh mysterious madison mac user.. you have visited my site 600 times.

i have a site counter on NS. you might not have noticed it. it's a nice little box in the very bottom right corner of the page. isn't it cute? now, i initially did this just to see numbers, because sometimes it's nice to have my ego stroked a little. ya know. 'aww! yay! today, 14 people satisfied some morbid fascination with knowing about what goes through my brain!' the counter also does some neat things like tell me what words people searched with to find my site, as well as telling me their OS, browser and IP number. yes, dear friends, i could figure out a lot about you if i wanted to. lucky for you i am neither vengeful nor do i have any sort of computer expertise that would allow me to do something like that.

anyhow. for the last.. long time, lots of months.. there has been a mac user in madison, whom i refer to as MMM (myterious madison mac user), that has checked my site almost every day. funny thing is that none of the people who regularly let me know they are reading (by, say, posting comments ;) or talking to me about things i write) are mac users. this has led to lots of speculation on my part as to who this person might be. is it a bot who has become fascinated with my natural sweetness? or someone i know who just doesn't post? or perhaps just some random person who stumbled upon the site and maybe i'm in their daily blog checklist? not sure. all i know is that the MMM has hit 600 visits, and i feel this is commendable. so, congratulations MMM. i only hope it has been worth it.


yes, my (not so secret) superpower is cuddles. samurai dan made me do it.


yay for playing with iPhoto.. oh how i heart procrastination. christmas ornaments v.2: