OoOOOoooOhh... that last post was number 666.. almost seems appropriate since tomorrow is a friday the 13th.. OoOooOooOoOoOOOohhhh..

hah. enough of that. today was our coming out day celebration. YAYYY!!! technically, yesterday was national coming out day, but we had to celebrate it today b/c hispanic heritage had taken over the union (as if that's not the case every day.. but i suppose that's a whole 'nother train of thought).
anyhow, today was absolutely *fabulous*. we had tables set up, got 50 people to make quilt squares, and had an amazing drag show. and by amazing, i mean fabulous in the way that only drag kings and queens can do it. i still have no internet in my apartment, so i dont have pictures yet (BIG SAD FACE) but there will eventually be some.

tomorrow we are going on a retreat with the women's center for the weekend. have i mentioned lately that i love my life?