it was a fairly big van, with 'watch for children' in paste-on red letters on the back. the van.. was what you could refer to as a 'rapist van' - you couldn't see through the windows. the sliding door was open, and visible was the only thing that told you it was an icecream truck. just inside the door (as in, you'd have to lean into the van to get to it..) was a cardboard stand with the types and prices of available icecream. they were driving around with the sliding door open, no music, just.. on the prowl. i shuddered and turned the corner, once again vowing to never raise children in miami.


it's been almost a month! sorry 'bout that.. been lots going on, i guess. umm. let's see.. i graduated! YAY! you may now all call me 'master' ;) my mom and lil bros came down for graduation weekend.. it was amazing to spend time with them. i haven't been back to WI at all this semester, so i definitely cherished the opportunity to have some family time.

had to be moved out by the day after graduation. i'm now living with my mild-mannered meteorologist, until i move away from miami.

..unfortunately i dont know where that 'away' is, yet. don't have a job, yet. which is a little frustrating, but i'm not freaking out about it at this point. i've got a couple feelers out.. am just waiting to hear back so i can figure out what is up.

am still working at FIU for another month or so, so i can get stuff set up for the woman who is taking my position next year. gotta clean this place up a bit so she can make sense of it.

that's all i've got for now.