wow. so, another crazy weekend come and gone.. here come the pictures!
saturday we went to a place called naminara island. it's an island in the middle of a river, with all sorts of fun paths and random little picture-perfect places.

this is probably my favorite picture of tim from this summer..

this path is super famous in korea. a movie was filmed on the island and the town nearby, and apparently they used images of the path a fair bit.

there were lots of these flowers around the island.

voltron in the gift shop?!

as we started travelling on saturday, michelle and i both bought new hats! yayy hats! the piles of rocks behind me are wish-piles. there is a korean tradition that if you pile rocks on top of each other like that and make a wish, your wish will come true.

as we left the island saturday, we saw a tethered hot air balloon.. it took me almost 10 minutes to finally catch it lit up. pretty cool.

neat little guy.

pizza dispenser in the bathroom? hehehe

i took a picture as we left sunday.. this is the hallway in our sketchy mc-sketcherson motel.

this would be me juggling on the spot where i qualified 5 balls!! yayy!!

we spent sunday hiking up a mountain to a buddhist temple. along the way were lots of gorgeous waterfalls and nature-y spots.

this is the grave of a famous monk who served at the temple.

and this is from the interior of the temple.

each one of these globes has a wish for someone's family to have good health for a year.

here are more stone piles of people's wishes.. so many wishes.. i added two.

sunday night we ate dakgalbi.. aka korean chicken bbq. it was quite good. the place we went is in a city that is famous for its chicken bbq - they even have a street dedicated to it.

and there you go! the weekend, briefly, in pictures. it's time to go teach. only one more week!