#AtoZChallenge - Freesia Tea

Sorry I'm a little late this morning! I got distracted by reading folks' blogs last night and suddenly found myself too sleepy to write before bed. But there's no question on this one - Freesia won by a long shot. Let's see what happens!

"The freesia tea sounds lovely, thank you," Amy said with a sniff. She watched as he poured boiling water over the tea leaves in a lovely brass teapot and realized that she was still grasping Cal's handkerchief in both hands. She folded it up gently and stowed it in the pocket of her jeans.

After a couple minutes to steep, the shopkeeper poured Amy a small glass of the freesia tea. He handed it to her with a small bow and said, "I will be here if you need anything." Amy lifted the cup and inhaled its fragrant steam. The tea smelled somehow both floral and green, as though she'd put a bouquet to her face, full of freesia flowers, ferns, and just a little bit of dirt. The taste though, was different. Still floral but with a touch of mint and something savory just out of the reach of being able to identify. She sighed appreciatively, leaning back in her chair. It was lovely.

Amy felt herself begin to relax. Her muscles loosened and she closed her eyes. As she rested, she felt her mind lifting out of her body and thought, Oh, this really is uplifting... She looked down at her prone body and was filled with a complete sense of peace.

She could see the whole shop from here. It was deceptively large given its petite appearance from the outside. Far at the back she could see the shopkeeper's head bobbing as he moved merchandise from here to there. Perhaps I will go look at the other side of the shop, she thought, floating toward the back corner.

The back corner was piled high with odd pieces of furniture, boxes labeled with words she could not comprehend, dolls, embroidered linens, and other unidentifiable bits and bobs.

Amy floated, enjoying the soft touch of air currents buoying her in place, and pondered what she should do...
Take a Gander at the items in this corner,
Get back to her body,
or Go explore the other side

Remember to comment below to let me know your choice for what she should do next! I will check the comments this evening around 8pm Mountain Time to write tomorrow's post!

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