the problem with snorkeling...

is that i really like it. and when i take my very pale skin and put it by the water in florida, even with sunscreen i have to be careful about burning. but snorkeling is SO fun! i have a tendency to get distracted, and an hour later i look like the lobsters i'd been chasing by the reef (if they were cooked and tossed on your plate). thankfully today it's just my back that got burned. hooray for pennekamp state park and its lovely, engrossing reefs. ^_^

we went down to key largo early and bf bought a new kayak. quite a steal as the place we got it from sells all their merchandise at cost right before the hurricane season (can't get insurance in the keys, may as well sell it so there's less loss if a hurricane washes away your store). so now we have two kayaks! that means quick evening trips and lots of exploration. can't wait.

so, things are going well. our offer on an apartment was accepted, we're just waiting on the homeowners' association to verify that we are of high enough quality to actually move in. our icecream maker came last week and is a ton of fun. we made vanilla with cherries and mini chocolate chips and it is super yummy.

tomorrow's projects: coconut rum icecream and further apartment cleaning. hopefully we'll be moving by the end of the week!