#AtoZChallenge - Among the Junipers

"Oh let's go to the Juniper garden! A little fresh air will help you rest later," Amy said.

"Hooray! And can we play hide and seek?" Irena said with a grin, standing up and dancing impatiently while Amy extricated herself from the pillows.

"Yes, of course!" Amy said, laughing as Irena grabbed her hand and pulled her down the hall. Within short order Irena navigated them through various hallways and staircases and out through a door which led straight into the garden. The rich woodsy smell of the junipers was immediate and when the salty air blew through the garden it added a delightful tang of which Amy was certain she would never tire. I've stepped through the looking glass into heaven! she thought, following the small figure down a trail.

"You hide first!" Irena ordered, "I will count to ten and then come find you!" She covered her face and turned into one of the trees, counting loudly. Amy veered onto another path, and another, before nestling herself between a bush and a tree. It wasn't the best hiding spot, but she didn't want to get too far from Irena. Irena found her in a matter of minutes and giggled madly at seeing Amy wedged between the greenery.

When it was Irena's turn to hide, it took Amy longer to find her. She got turned about several times in the garden and just as she was beginning to lose her nerve, heard Irena's smothered giggles from behind a bench. She jumped at the little girl from the other side of the path, tickling her sides and saying, "I've got you!!" They were reduced to gales of laughter until the two of them sat panting on the bench, unable to even speak for their fun.

They played a couple more rounds, until it became clear that Irena was beginning to tire. The little girl begged to stay in the garden. Amy knew it was her responsibility to get her to nap, but where to nap?

On a bench they'd seen near the Kitchen garden,
or take her back into the Keep?

You know the drill! Vote in the comment section below for which place they should go next :) And we'll see you on Monday!

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