Life happens..

Sorry posts have been a little sparse lately! I've been preparing for the April A-Z Blogging Challenge (More on that on April 1, but click on the link to the right if you are curious!) as well as doing some writing for other things. And then, ya know.. life.. happens..

Around here we are gearing up for the end of the semester (Graduation!) and the transition into summer (my busiest time! eek!) so my days have been pretty packed. Ever get that feeling like you are going from meeting to event to other thing, without stopping to breathe in between? That's been me the last couple days. This morning I literally made piles on my desk of what I needed to bring to each meeting so that I could just walk in and  exchange what I was carrying around without having to think about it.

My list of things "To Do" is growing unconscionably long and every time I get an actual spare moment to look at my email it just gets longer. One of the things we've had going on is interviews for a position on campus. I thought it was interesting that a couple candidates have mentioned the "24 hour rule" for responding to emails and tasks.  I thought that was a nice concept, if a bit optimistic. I have always tried to respond to things as soon as I can but have never put a time limit on responses. I find myself wondering if that would cause more stress or decrease it by making the list of things set within a more definite timeframe.

Interesting to ponder though I don't think it is a change I will be making right now.

How is the Spring wrapping up for y'all? Everyone keeping their heads above water?