i am.. really.. quite sick. i've been hovering at a 100 degree temp since i woke up this morning (shivering, under a down-filled blanket), with coughs and chills and sore throat.. good fun.

except for the part where it's not.

something about me getting fevers, is that my skin gets really sensitive. and by really sensitive i mean it pretty much hurts to wear clothing. and while i enjoy being naked as much as the next person, not wearing clothes causes some trouble with other temperature regulation things, which really doesn't make things much better. especially when i am supposed to be working. can't really be nekkid in my office - it's so cold in there i'd probably get pneumonia on top of everything else.

anyhow, the adventures with the new car have continued. i went to transfer my old plates/registration, and first of all, i have to give kudos to the DMV guy. he was the coolest DMV guy i've ever had to work with, so that was really helpful. the way the registration thing is supposed to work: i bought my car in WI, so have to pay the difference in tax between WI and IL. well, i got there, and showed him my bill of sale, only to realize that i was never charged WI state vehicle tax. so the difference, instead of being between 5.1% and 6.25%, was 0% to 6.25%. the grand total: $968 to the IL Dept. of Revenue. all. at. once.

thank god i had money in my checking account (yes, mr. klumb, b/c of the $500 from the old car. thanks for at least letting me keep it for a little while ;) ).

anyhow, after i got over my initial shock, i decided to look at this positively - it's a grand they can't charge me interest on in my payments. i revealed this to the DMV guy and he said: 'wow, you are a glass full type of person'.. my response: 'at this point, the glass better be filled with something sparkly and alcoholic' which made the guy laugh, which made me laugh, which took some of the edge off.

i have to start making payments soon. that should be a whooolllllee 'nother adventure!