Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

Hellooo internet! Have you had a good couple of weeks since A-Z? I suppose it's time to peek out from my introvert hole and reconnect at my usual slower pace. Thing is, things haven't been slow around here at all! A lot happened during the month of April that wasn't A-Z Challenge related, and I didn't get to share because there were so many things going on. So here is a recap of April and the first couple weeks of May:

* We published the ebook of Armageddon! It is now available for the Kindle. Woo! This summer we'll be working on other formats, so look out for those.
* My P post, Percy's Pick Your Plot Prequel, got the lovely DL Hammons's attention so he sent over his Blog Blitz folks to give me some love! I gained over 50 new followers and had loads of fun with all the comments. Thanks, DL :)
* We spent a weekend in Tucson, visiting my good friend Jess and attending our friend Sam's wedding. I only see Jess every couple years, so this was particularly special. She was a great hostess and carted us all over the Tucson area to see cactus and pecans and missions, and wildlife.
Jess and me at the Sonoran Desert Museum

* We built a garden in the back yard! This is a post unto itself. Let's just say it involved one weekend of building, one weekend of moving dirt (3 tons!) and yesterday planting stuff. It's awesome though and I can't wait for all the veggies to start producing. Plus the yard just looks SO much better. Awesome.
* The CO State Science Olympiad came and went. This is the biggest event that I run on campus, involving 1300 people and a 14 hour work day on a Saturday. And this year, no damage or bad things happened, so yay for that!
* My youngest brother turned 21, thus leaving me feeling exceedingly old (he's still only five'ish, in my mind's eye). Happy birthday, little bro!

Those are the basics! It sure was a busy month. Lots of fun and great stuff happening. I would say that I will get back to more regular posts, but this month is the start of my super-crazy summer season so I will likely be a bit sporadic with my updates through July. I'll do my best though.

Happy Mothers Day!