New place in Doral

Pictures of the New Place: the Annotated Version

Per requests, we have finally taken pictures of the new place! So I present to you a virtual, annotated tour of our new house. Click on the images to make them bigger.
Starting from the front door...

Ahh the living room:

Garage. Look at all the toys!

Downstairs bathroom. I know you can't tell, but this paint job is *amazing* compared to what it used to be. You can still see the old horrendous orange in some poorly-painted places. Also, I spent an hour in that tiny room scraping various colors of paint off the tiles. In the upstairs bathroom there was even paint in the toilet!

Our gigantic kitchen:

One of the funny things about combining our two kitchens was the ridiculous amount of spices we had. This is from the day I loaded the spice cupboard - not including about 5 huge containers already put away:

And heading upstairs, I present... The hallway (from our bedroom door):

A scene from The Office:

Our bedroom. I think the gold walls are actually starting to grow on me. Can't wait to get dressers though!

Two things you can't see from here - the gigantic walk-in closet off to the right, and the new shower head (that bf is very excited about). Not sure if the walls are green? off-yellow? some days they look like they've got some orange in them...

I hope you have enjoyed your tour! I'll let y'all know when we're ready for overnight guests :)

Not pictured: guest bedroom AKA "I don't know where to put this!" storage room, for now; walk-in closet; guest bathroom; front of house (really not that exciting, I promise).