wow. so. this year.. is going to be awesome. i stopped in my new office to start meeting people and see if i could get more information about exactly what will be happening this year, and it turns out that the woman who is supervising me just happens to be one of my favorite people at FIU! :D also, my pay and budget are coming out of the vice presidents' office, and no one has any idea what that means. as in, how big is the budget? no one knows! but despite that uncertainty, i am going into this school year with a lot of positive excitement, ambitions and plans, and it feels good.

also, i got to see some of my peer advisors the other day. which was *extremely* exciting. i knew i had missed them, but don't think i realized quite how much until i actually got to watch some of them in action, and get some of that good ol' PA love. yayy peer advisors!

and *also* i'm going home to WI on thursday. for 10 whole days! i haven't seen my mom since i was home in march. and a loooottttt has happened since then, so it will be good to sit and talk to her and my lil bros for a while. and all the other amazing wonderful people i plan on seeing while i'm home.

life is.. good right now. i've got a very pleasant sense of peace and excitement within myself. arianna keeps telling me that i glow. i think i like glowing ^^