#AtoZChallenge - Go to the other side

Well when I went to bed last night we were tied for what y'all wanted to do, but some tie-breakers came in overnight so let's Go explore the other side of the shop!

Amy glanced at the corner, and with a little spurt of curiosity, wondered if she could actually touch anything in her current state. She swooped down and grabbed the hand of a little girl doll and was delighted to find that she could bring it up into the air with her. She held her hands out to her sides and flew to the other corner of the shop, Peter Pan style.

This side had more large objects in it. Here, several rolls of carpet. There, an iron bedstand, and just next to it a set of several gilded mirrors. The mirrors begged another question - was she invisible? She floated in a standing way in front of the largest of the three mirrors and was amused to see that its reflection showed the little doll floating in midair. She made the doll dance for a moment, giggling at her own silliness.

But then, she glanced at one of the other mirrors and was surprised to see not only herself, but also a small girl with long dark hair, holding her hand and smiling out at her. A long hallway with ornate pillars extended behind them. She reached out a finger as though to touch the rich dress her reflection wore. The mirror shimmered a bit at her touch, distorting the image. With a shift and a pop! she found herself on the other side, looking back into the shop at a doll that seemed to dance in midair.

Amy looked down to see that she was now wearing the finery she'd tried to touch only moments ago. She looked down the hallway and saw, just disappearing behind a pillar, what appeared to be a man dressed in white, rushing away from her. The little girl dropped her hand and skipped down the hall toward him.

What should Amy do?
Hurry! Follow the little girl!
Hide behind a pillar from the man in white.
Hit at the mirror to try to get back through.

Remember to submit your votes in the comment section below! I'll check them around 8pm Mountain Time and use those votes to write my H post for tomorrow! Have a great day everyone :)

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