happy valentine's day.. and stuff.. today is one of those days that throws being in a long distance relationship into sharp relief. we watched a movie 'together' (knocked up, which i don't think either of us particularly enjoyed), but beyond that... i find myself just thinking a lot about how nice last weekend was, and looking forward to next time. *sigh*

anyhow.. also pressing in my thoughts is the NIU shooting. we were just talking yesterday morning about how college shootings are something to keep as a 'back burner fear'.. in order to keep our sanity and not feel terrified at work. NIU is awfully close to here, and i think we're going to be dealing with some after-effects from this. there have already been emails going out about making counseling available to our students, and i think i will be in close contact with my RAs to see if anyone needs anything. it's going to take a little bit of self-talk to keep focused for a while i think. and also, i'm on duty, so if anyone really needs anything, i get to be first response. heh heh..

i find myself wondering how Virginia Tech folks are doing with this. seeing all this stuff in the news.. will it cause flashbacks? are they going to offer extra counseling on campus? every time there is a big college news item, both my academic and empathetic interests are piqued and i find myself with a million questions; not all of which i really even want the answers to.

anyhow.. i was really sick last week, and i'm not healthy yet. so i'm going to go curl up and talk about the stupid movie for a while, and then get some sleep.