Six Word Saturday

Welcomed a new decade
without angst.

This week I turned 30. And.. didn't feel as freaked out about it as everyone seems to think I should have been. They say that your 20s are crazy, all over the place, figuring things out, and they definitely were that. But then your 30s, they say, are when everything fits into place, you figure out who you are and what you're about, and life really gets fun without the angst of the 20s.  My last month in my 20s was a little rough (right up to the flat tire at 9:30pm the night before my birthday), but I rather feel like it has tempered me a bit. On last bit of flame to strengthen me as I head into my new decade. 

Welcome, 30. How's about we chill out for a bit?


Bean Fosters

Bean Fosters, the aforementioned local book/coffee shop, posted this picture on their FB page today with the caption, "Just rotated our new arrivals table! It now includes Armageddon: Pick Your Plot, a "choose your own adventure" concerning the apocalypse by a local author - it's provided much entertainment..."

They seemed a little hesitant when I called about selling our book (which I totally understand b/c I was just some random person haha) but I was so happy when I met the owner Truett because he's so nice and was super supportive. Am looking forward to spending more time at Bean Fosters. They are just far enough off campus to be a good hiding spot, and have the best hot cocoa in town! Mmmm...