happy birthday to my most favoritest texan!!

in celebration, i baked a *homemade* red velvet chocolate cake. pretty tasty. have a couple things i'll change next time to make it even better, but not bad for a first attempt at a fairly difficult cake.

ALSO, as a lovely windfall.. i won tickets to the lonestar concert at FAU for friday night! yayy! my first time ever winning tickets for something! perfect timing for the texan's bday and very nice considering my somewhat barren checking account. i won it by having a local dj as my buddy on myspace.. i suppose that ridiculous site is good for something. :)

i'm so proud of squat.. she stood up to some obnoxious miami men who were staring at her and the texan at dinner tonight. there's a thing about people in miami that is kindof hard for us foreigners to handle. this concept that it is ok to leer at other people, and that it doesn't matter if you make them uncomfortable.

outside of miami, i have only experienced this phenomenon in korea. it makes more sense for people there to stare. as a tall, white girl, i stuck out like a sore thumb. in miami, not so much. so what gives with the staring? i know my friends are gorgeous, but they should be allowed to eat a meal in peace. it's not like they were dressed in any inappropriate way. and even then i would argue that it is within their right to be able to wear whatever they'd have wanted without fear of unruly gawking. there is no reason that anyone should feel it is ok to stare, and continue staring (even after being told very bluntly to stop) to the point that my friends are so uncomfortable that they leave the restaurant.

anyhow, squat stood up for herself and the texan, and did so quite wittily it seems. hopefully those men think a little bit before the next time they are so rude to people. kudos to her. sometimes, you just get frustrated and have to say something. extra bonus points for the witty retorts and excellent dealing with the situation, squat!

incessant staring will be added to the list of things i won't miss about miami when i leave. i have been thinking about making a physical list of things i will and will not miss, just to keep track for myself and have something to remind me of later. add to the list of things to do. pretty sad when the list of things to do includes other lists..