alright. so.. pictures, eh? the last couple of weekends have been pretty fun. lots of dancing and relaxing and hanging out with cool people. yesterday we went to a sauna. which is basically $6 to spend as long as you want at a day spa. you have to pay for more specialized things like massages or skin treatments, but the basic stuff includes sauna rooms, a gym and this wonderful bathing room. it's a communal nekkid experience, so i couldn't take any pictures. but basically it's a huge room with six different bathtubs, each having a different temperature and herbal treatment. some of the tubs were really hot, with bubbles whirlpool style, and others were big cold pools that the little kids would splash and swim in. we stayed at the sauna for almost 3 hours.. when i got home i was so relaxed i just curled up on the couch and didn't move for ages. and today my skin is so happy! the friend i went with and i have decided that sauna is going to be a weekly experience. for both relaxation and being nice to our skin purposes.

here are some pictures from the last couple of weeks.

last weekend i went shopping at insadong with some friends. talk about somewhere that it's easy to blow cash!! it's all sorts of random traditional and somewhat stereotypical korean stuff. got some stuff for me, some souvenirs for others.. good times. i need to go back again so i can finish souvenir shopping. all around insadong they have these stone benches with lillypad gardens in them. super neat, but you have to be careful where you sit, or you'll end up with a wet spot on the butt of your skirt. *ahem*

we also saw an interesting display of a way to accomplish stress relief. apparently people could pay and just knock around the guy with head gear on. he could only defend himself, no striking out. the guy he's fighting here really wailed on him!

here are me and the girls outside a club where we saw a drag show. definitely not the best drag show i've ever seen. but as always it was fun to hang out with everyone :)

friday night we had a birthday party with everyone from work. mia (pictured here) and another coworker both have birthdays this week.

i went wandering for a couple of hours on saturday. found a nice big hill to climb around on, and snapped a few pics looking out over the city. i'm pretty sure i was in someone's backyard. thankfully they didn't say anything. :P

from the same walk, a flight of stairs you would *not* want to have to stumble up while drunk. i only say that because a few steps higher than what you can see, there is evidence that someone did just that.

and on that note, i'm off to get ready for work.
happy birthday last week sam and roomie! and happy birthday this week mia and betty!