some things:
every one of my plates and bowls and silverware are dirty. it's a sign of how amazing my weekend was.
i find myself more desiring of slipping into tv and movie-watching oblivion.
there are days i love my job.
and days i don't so much.
it's weird to think that is true with most things you could do.
smart, eloquent people make me happy.
sometimes naive ones do too.
i find that i like people less the more they exemplify stereotypes.
exercise is good for my body and soul. but sometimes i just can't get myself to do it.
the thought of trading holidays is exhilarating.
my big brother will be home in 2 months.
today it was cold outside. my office was still about 80 degrees.
i'm scared of some places where feelings and logic meet.
every day i have more in my head and less to write about.