We've been getting a ton of work done on the house lately. As we came up to and hit the one-year mark on Thanksgiving, I think we realized that there were a lot of things we had decided about taking care of, but just hadn't actually done it yet. So suddenly we've been putting up book shelves, wall shelves, buying little bits of furniture, and putting away the schnibbles that have been sitting around for a year without a home.

I hate schnibbles. You know what they are - the little bits of papers, small sentimental objects, old cell phones.. Things that aren't necessarily useful anymore, but for some reason you feel you might need to keep them? Ugghh.. For me the schnibbles in life are some of the most stressful objects.

Anyway, my one Black Friday purchase was this lovely 1920-1930'ish dresser. I got it at a resale shop near work. Debated about it for almost 2 weeks, then finally measured and realized it is exactly the right size for our guest bedroom. It needs a little bit of love. There are some black marks on it (still deciding whether to refinish it), and the handles are actually too long. They stick out funny. The front of the second drawer is broken off. But still, it's about the cutest dresser ever! And the front is birdseye maple veneer, which is just lovely.

Pictured at the resale shop -
our guest bedroom does not have
that much stuff in it!
So tonight I glued the drawer back together and busted out the Brasso to shine up the keyholes. 

And, dude. The Brasso shocked me! As soon as I opened the container, a huge blue spark popped out of the lid and shocked the fool out of me. It was the worst I've had in years - tingly fingers and a momentarily fuzzy brain. Nothing harmful, but it was rather.. shocking (sorry). 

Now I know for next time that the Brasso has a bit of an attitude, and can hopefully adequately prepare and/or ground myself for the experience. Who knew?