Six Word Saturday

Happy "Chocolate is on Sale" Day!

Even if you don't celebrate Valentine's Day, I think we can all get behind the day after when all the chocolate and roses go on sale. It only happens a couple times a year (after Easter and Halloween too!) so you better believe we're going to take advantage of it :)

If you are going out to take advantage of the sale today, what kind of chocolate will you buy?

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Announcing AJ's wHooligans!

I am so excited to announce my team for April A-Z. Here's a little bit of information about my team, Ayjay's wHooligans!

TaMara Sloanhttp://www.talesofapeedeemama.com
I stumbled upon TaMara last year during A-Z. She writes about all sorts of awesome things related to homeschooling her five little munchkins - favorite snacks (some are seriously drool-worthy!), books, lesson plans, you name it. She is a creative person and I am excited to have her on the team!

Elsie Turtlehttp://mockturtlemusings.com/
Elsie has been an assistant for the Insecure Writer's Support Group. That alone is enough cred to know she's amazing! But there's more! This woman writes extremely honest posts from time to time that will make you catch your breath. Her self-reflection and honesty is just.. great. Definitely check her out.

Shilpa Garghttp://shilpaagarg.com/
Shilpa joins me from India! The design of her site is so poetic and lovely :) Also she says she likes written words, sweets and beautiful conversations that happen over a mug of tea - totally my kind of lady! Excited to have her on the team :)

LuAnn Braleyhttp://backporchervations.blogspot.com/
LuAnn is a super-involved writer, reader and book reviewer. She's participated in loads of blog fests and seriously, you should go check out all the reading challenges this lady is participating in. How does she have enough time to do all that reading and be an excellent blogger too? I dunno, but I'm lucky to have her on my side this April!

Kripali Kulkarni: http://precari0us.wordpress.com
Kripali is such an observant writer! She notices little things around her and writes beautiful reflections on the things she sees. She has a very playful style, sometimes talking to you the reader in an almost sotto voce style. She approached the opportunity to be a wHooligan with such excitement I just had to bring her to the team!

Helen Jamesonhttp://helenjameson.wordpress.com/
Ohmygosh! Helen writes Murder Mystery Dinner scripts! How cool is that? Her posts range in topic from writing to her grandbaby, to conversations with Moe, her mafioso muse. That's right - we have a mafia connection on the team! Lookout A-Z :)

Those are my wonderful wHooligans! Please visit them and say hi! They're about to do a bunch of work to help keep the Challenge running so they deserve all the positive attention we can give them!