Trying to get over jet lag after our trip, so clearly the best thing is to write a blog post while I eat a cookie over my lunch hour :D I don't usually do blog memes, but I'm not awake enough to format my own thoughts yet, so stole this from Dana at The Daily Dose (who is fabulous and you should add her to your blog read list).

Loving: The fact that I only had 200 work emails after being out for two weeks. And a lot of those were junk email that I got to delete right away, which was very satisfying.

Reading: The 200 emails haha.. And also The Woman in White. I read 3 books on vacation before Chris got tired of trying to find things to put on my kindle and found this 700'ish page classic to keep me busy (I made it about 40% of the way through by the time we got off the plane yesterday).

Watching: Fringe, and Bones, and Dexter. But none of those in the last 2 weeks. It's been crazy Korean dramas and crummy airplane movies for us. 

Thinking about: Big future questions.

Anticipating: Bed! I can't wait to go back to sleep tonight. Not feeling very graceful about the jet lag this time around. Also, Korea is famous for having very hard beds and/or for sleeping on mats on the floor. Even the Hilton we stayed at in Seoul had a bed that felt more like sleeping on a box spring than a mattress. Which doesn't actually bother me a ton.. The only part of me that really minded was my hips since they are a pressure point. But it was still soo nice to sink into our squishy bed yesterday. Mmmm..

Wishing: That the laundry currently piled on our living room floor could wash itself while we're at work today, and that I'd come home to find it clean and folded :)

Making me happy: Having had a great vacation, and being glad to be home. The best of both worlds.

We're going to start going through pictures tonight, so hopefully soon I will have some pictures and adventures to share!