Six word Saturday

Rough week, but all's clear! Thankful.

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Ach. A cold.

Am trying to write through a cold, so haven't had many spare coherent sentences for the blogging world. I've lost almost a week to being tired and unproductive, so am going to have to turn it up to almost NaNoWriMo productivity levels to catch up and make our deadline in a couple weeks. Which I find I'm a bit excited about, really. I've missed the habit of an hour or more of writing every night (Ohh the lovely nights when 1,700 words happen in an hour! Woeful are the nights that it does not come that easily..) If I can average 1,700/day, I'll still finish ahead of time, which would be amazing. If not, well.. That's why we built in a little bit of buffer room. Which I really don't want to have to use. So I should probably go do that then.