Recovering from a crazy busy week.

Y'all.. Wow it's been a nutso week! Last weekend was the ARCh Reunion, and our book signing event, and hanging out with people and eating lots of yummy WI food (potato pancakes! and frozen custard!) and NOT sleeping. My work week was packed full every minute, including working late most days. This morning I managed to sleep in until 7:15, and later we'll go hiking and lunching with friends, and tomorrow an Easter luncheon. A nice restorative weekend to catch up after last weekend's craziness awesome'ness. 

I'm off to keep writing posts for Monday's start of April A-Z! Meanwhile, here are a couple pictures from the book event, for your enjoyment.

Me and co-author Dan - aren't we cute?

We left a copy in the Little Free Library just outside the coffee shop. 

This post is brought to you by Six Word Saturday! It's harder than it looks (but also really fun :) ).