these pictures are absolutely incredible. i encourage you to spend some time poking through there.


it's amazing the variety of things i get done while trying to avoid homework. this weekend i have accomplished a long list of tasks that have kept me blissfully away from the paper i have due tomorrow. however, it is now after 11 and all i have is a basic outline and a major urge to go to bed. i think it may be more productive to go to sleep and try to get up early. as painful as that sounds.

my forearms look longer than normal today. it may be a combination of the angle they are bisecting lines on my desk, or that i have lost muscle on them due to not juggling as much, or it might just be that i am tired. regardless, they look a little odd to me.

my big bro told my little bros that if they learn the korean alphabet and some korean phrases, he will pay for them to fly over there to visit. discussing that with curly brother made me realize that it would be a *ton* of fun to go over there with all us kids (and maybe mom too). so curly bro and i have decided that we will try to make it possible for all of us to go for a 2 week or so trip to korea after i graduate in may. sounds like a good graduation present to me. :) though, too.. some friends and i have discussed taking a trip over to europe or a cruise as a graduation thing as well. mayhaps it will be a very travelling'ish summer? this of course all also depends on what i am doing after gradumation. so many cool things, so many things to consider...

so very little desire to do the homework it will take to get to the graduation part.