hey look!
i have internet and am not running around like a chicken with my head cut off! (it should be noted that i initially wrote 'woman with my head cut off' before realizing that wasn't quite right. though sometimes it might be just about accurate)

and why, you may ask, do i have internet, and how it is possible that a mere 5 days before coming out day that i am not running around madly? i am in new york city (more specifically, currently on long island..) visiting my friend matthew. this trip is special for several reasons: i have never been to the NE states before. not ever. it has been over a year since matthew and i got to hang out just the two of us, and longer since we got to really spend significant time, and matthew and his roommate are both clowns. as is his roommate's girlfriend. that means that my company for the weekend is a group of hilariously funny people. not that my friends are home aren't funny.. because wow they really are.. but these people do it for a living. they're so funny they can make money for it. it's really very enjoyable.

i have lots of pictures from our wanderings yesterday and i'm sure there will be more from today.. as soon as i get back i will try to get some up here. theoretically, when i get home i will have internet in my apartment. they had actually started working on it right before i left (picture me packing for my trip with three maintenance guys standing in my room. yeah. a little awkward!) we'll see if they finally followed through!

there's a badger's game today. gonna go see if i can catch it. :)