Six Word Saturday

Getting ready for June.. Without distractions?

My super-crazy-busy part of my job is from the end of May through the beginning of August. So if you can believe it, I'm already in full swing getting ready for summer. This week I tried really hard to remove distractions in order to concentrate fully on my summer preparations, and did a pretty good job. I got a couple of important things done which makes me feel much better. Still lots to do, but headway was made!


One Grain More

Just stopping by quick to post this gem of a video that my friend Amanda shared, from Fooducate. Funny how many familiar products are in here.. Also, Xanthan gum does *not* get rid of baking soda taste! haha.. Actually if you put too much in, the taste of Xanthan gum is quite unpleasant. Worse than the baking soda, I think. Enjoy!