all the lovely people i had thanksgiving with.. yummy food + yummy people = yay

this is what the holiday season looks like in miami. yes, there are already massive christmas trees up. crazy.


happy thanksgiving, internet world..

we've entered into the 'holiday season' which.. to be perfectly honest, is not one of my favorites. feel free to bah humbug me. it's just the way it is.

however, thanksgiving is one of the better of the 'holy days' in the next month and a half, so far as i'm concerned, so i figured i would talk a little about some of the things i'm thankful for:

~ my absolutely amazing friends and family who have been there for me through thick and thin (especially during this last, rather difficult, year).
~ forgiveness and friendship that lasts despite mistakes.
~ my brain. it serves me well (and other people sometimes too).
~ my body. cuz it does so many cool things and is functional for the most part.
~ korea. i don't know if i'd be as sane today if not for the amazingness of that place.
~ my siblings.. for the little ones who are finally getting cool ;) and the big one who has always taken care of me.
~ my boss who keeps me grounded and focused even when things and people try to thwart my efforts.
~ the ROUNDUP. mecca. whatever you want to call it.
~ new friends who serve as excellent distractions :)
~ mail! because it often brings good things.
~ learning from mistakes and difficult interactions..
~ annnnd.. well. i dont know what else. lots of things.

there you go. i'm off to eat turkey. what are you thankful for?