yayy thanks to all who made my birthday awesome :D

i had an awesome day.. lots of good friends and good food and sweets.

it's sleepy time because tomorrow is the roundup!!


wow. and wow. good stuff:
george takei
jimmy kimmel's three musketeers commercial spoof

i almost cried laughing.
i like how sometimes on those myspace/LJ/blogger surveys they capitalize the first letter in every word of the question.. it makes things look so important or ominous. For example: What was The Last Thing You Purchased? ..doesn't it sound like it should be some big important thing? sometimes i feel silly entering my answer of "a Bottle of Water". almost monty python'esque. "first you must take out the Holy Pin".. similar to "first you must take off the Red Cap".

yeah. anyhow. good day then.


it is happily survived...

for the last two weeks, my friends and i have been working on a case study competition. this involved researching five areas of technology that are of interest to people who work in higher education. we chose blogs, institutional spam, WebCT type programs, university portals, and cell phones. the project was to make a powerpoint file under 1.5MB that discussed benefits, issues, concerns, etc about those issues. the last couple of days, we've been eating, (not) sleeping, and breathing case study. we finished an hour and a half ago.

i'm glad it's done. i'm glad we did it, but i'm glad it's done.

life slows down a smidge for this week, and then picks up again. got some birthday thing going on this week.. we'll see what happens with that. not so sure what that will entail this year. i had decided i wanted to wear a dress all day for my bday, just to make things a little more special, but then i realized that my work day is kindof crazy with presentations and stuff, so that might not be the best idea. *shrug* best laid plans..

anyhow. i need to stop typing. have done too much of that in the last few days. tata.