so, this is a really poorly written article, but here it is..
my friends got shot at last friday while on their way back from the round-up. thankfully the bullet went into the texan's car door, but had it been a couple inches to one side it would have gotten her in the leg. the bullet came from, of all things, an AK47. umm. that's a big gun. kindof scary. no one was hurt, and it wasn't an intentional thing (who could possibly dislike my friends??) so who knows what will happen.

in completely unrelated news, i finally am getting my phone switched to cingular. i am in the midst of the process.. so my phone might be shut off for a couple days. but my number will be the same once i get it all set.

in other unrelated news, i accidentally closed my thumb in my t-shirt drawer this morning, and expect to have a nice bruise. gotta love the morning clutziness.