Happy International Women's Day!

Women's issues are something I have always been passionate about. My mom was a single mother for much of my childhood so I have seen firsthand how important resources in our communities can be for women. I have also, unfortunately, seen some ways that our society still makes it difficult or even makes it seem shameful for single women trying to take care of their families. Thankfully there are a lot of community and world-wide organizations working to help our women and their families be successful and healthy. 

I donate money, items, and when I can, time to support organizations that do good work and encourage you all to do what you can to do the same.

Here are links to a few of my favorites:

- The V-Day Project/Vagina Monologues - Last year I had the honor to work with a group of women at MDC to produce the Vagina Monologues (and they are doing it again this year! So proud!). It was an incredible journey and I totally support what V-Day does for women around the world.

SWSG LogoStrong Women, Strong Girls - Uniting girls who live in the city with college and community mentors. This program is exceptional.  

- Planned Parenthood - I know they are a controversial group, but I do stand with Planned Parenthood. They provide thousands of women with affordable healthcare every year. When I was coming out of grad school and had no insurance for a couple months I got sick and was able to go to Planned Parenthood for meds. They were kind and provided me with medication I may not have been able to otherwise afford. And that's what they do for thousands of women, every day.
- The Women's Center in Waukesha - Small but oh so mighty!
Kiva Logo

- Kiva - Provide loans to men and women around the world, to help make their lives better. You can help with as little as $25!

There are so very many more.. Who do you support in your neighborhood? 


March Forth!

March fourth is the only day of the year that the date makes a full sentence. I could wax poetic about how it inspires me to march forth toward achieving goals, etc but really it's more fun to just look at a picture from our hike today, don't you think?

Way back in the distance you can see a plateau, which is Table Mountain, right near CSM. Hard to believe this picture is from very near to where these pictures were taken, eh?