Not dead!

Goodness gracious last week was busy. Finished up the A-Z Challenge on Monday and plunged right into long hours at work, extra practicing for choir, and our first visitors over the weekend :) We dubbed it the Weekend of Lamp - we bought 6! Three we got at rummage sales for a total of $5. Win. The house looks much better all lit up. We also made quite a bit of progress on the guest bedroom, and I think the downstairs bathroom is 'finished.' Will have to post some pictures soon.

Also also, I'm working with a friend on another writing project which is seriously awesome. We've written a TON in the last couple days but still have a lot of work to go. Hoping it turns into something that can be shared :)

Anyway, just letting y'all know I'm not dead! Happy end of semester to those of you in school. Anyone got any good plans for summer?