2012 Recap

Oh man. The holidays happened. We're almost midway through January and I haven't done any kind of 2012 recap! So here goes. Things that happened in 2012, in no particular order:

* Joined Vittoria Ensemble, and sang a duet at our concerts in November.
* Wrote a book with my good friend Dan (to be published soon!).
* Participated in April A-Z, met lots of lovely blogging types. Can't wait for this year's challenge.
* Supervised an Intern which was a cool move forward for me, professionally.
* Had a great first conference season!
* Hiked a 14'er on our first Anniversary.
* Visited my brother and his family in South Korea for two weeks.
* Got 30 raspberries off our new raspberry bushes in the backyard.
* Painted a room for the first time (boy I am full of fail of posting stuff like that on here! Perhaps a house update is in order.)
* Survived the Mayan Apocalypse.

While we don't have too many big plans for 2013 at this point, I am sure it will be another great year. Let's keep this trend going :)