#AtoZChallenge - Yonder wall!

Only two more posts! Happy, sad, happy, sad.
Sorry for the super-late post - should have written before work. But, I won't count votes till noon tomorrow, to give folks a chance to get here.
You know what I'm looking forward to for my A-Z Reflections post on May 9 this year? Pre-writing and scheduling! lol The daily writing has been fun and is a great habit that I'm aiming to continue after the Challenge, but y'all.. it'll also be great to get back to regularly pre-scheduled posts :)
Anyway, lessee what happens at Yonder wall, shall we?

For those who are here for the first time, this is an interactive fiction adventure. I will write a scene every day, and my visitors will vote for where they want the story to go next, by leaving a comment on the post. You can start from the beginning here.

"Squirrel, I need you to scamper over to the rampart, just like you did to get here. Tell Gorilla to meet us on the other side of the wall. Go!" Squirrel gave another full-body salute and disappeared down the exterior of the castle.
"My Queen," Sir Andrew said, "do you trust me?"
"A Queen must be careful who she trusts, Sir Andrew. But if trusting you ensures my release from the grasp of these villains, then yes. For this task, I trust you."
Thankfully, the Queen was very small. And so Sir Andrew was able to tuck her just inside his shirt, with her tiny head peeking out from his collar. He unfurled his trusty rope and snagged the railing of the next balcony over. With a "whoop!" he lept out of the Queen's window. They flung themselves along the castle wall. The railing held as a mostly-steady fulcrum, cracking only a bit just as they reached the rampart. Andy felt a thrill as his cape flowed out behind him. He landed soundly on the rampart, and with a smart crack of his wrist, rescued his whip from the railing.
"I think, Sir Andrew, I should leave the flying to the birds. Please let me out!" the Queen said. Her voice was, in an imperial way, much larger than her small body, and Sir Andrew knew he must obey.
Sir Andrew placed the Queen on the cobbles and said, "My Queen, you are not safe yet. We must find Gorilla and return you to your mammal subjects."
Andy was shocked as the Queen suddenly looked behind him and barked furiously. Her terror sounded in her yips, which were not nearly so imperious as her earlier order to Andy. Sir Andrew looked back, and immediately swooped the Queen back into his arms. Who should be there, but none other than the Lizard King!
Dressed in full armor, Andy could see the Lizard King keeping one eye on the Queen, and another down to the outside of the wall.
"Your Gorilla awaits, human boy. But I'm afraid the Queen will remain with me."
"No! I've come this far! I will rescue my Queen!"
"Well then, shall we have... a duel? The winner keeps his life, and the Queen." The Lizard King shifted proudly, revealing the sword at his side.
Sir Andrew set the Queen gently down next to him. She gave him an approving nod, and Sir Andrew looked at the Lizard and shouted, "En guarde!"

Tune in tomorrow for our closing chapter - the duel with the LiZard King!

No voting today. You all deserve a rest for making it this far :) What do you think will happen during the duel? How was your A-Z?
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