2016 #AtoZChallenge - Another interactive Adventure!

Welcome, welcome, everyone!

Back by popular demand, for the second year in a row my theme for A-Z is interactive fiction! So every day I will write a short bit of a story, and then my lovely readers will get the opportunity to vote for what direction they want the story to go next by leaving a comment. Is it madness to be an A-Z Challenge co-host and to commit to also writing every day? Yes, yes it is. Is it going to be awesome? I hope so!

I have absolutely no idea where this story is going to go because it is up to y'all, so it should be fun! Here we go...

"Mo-ommm! Mom, I'm bored!" Andy walked into the kitchen and tugged at his mom's shirt, whining. 
"Honey, you need to learn how to entertain yourself," she said, waving him away. "You'll be home all summer and I can't tell you what to do all day, every day. Why don't you go play with some toys in your room?"
"I already played with all of them," Andy said.
"ALL of them?" his mom replied, "Are you sure?"
"Ugh. Yes." he said.
"Well, find a new way to play with them. I need to get dinner in the oven. Go! Shoo!" She dug into the open pantry, and Andy knew the conversation was over.
Andy slouched away to his room and huffed down onto his beanbag chair. The little styrofoam balls shifted under his weight and seemed to sigh along with their occupant. He looked around the room at his toys, sports equipment, and games, and debated how to spend the afternoon.

What should Andy do?
Challenge himself to a game of Battleship?
Take his Baseball into the Backyard?
or create an epic Battle for his Beastly toys to fight?

Please vote in the comments! Voting closes at 9pm Eastern so I have time to write before bed :)

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