#AtoZChallenge - Veer toward the Turkey!

So after two days of editing madness to finish my graduate school application, it was really difficult to turn off my internal editor to write this post! Here you go, though :)

For those who are here for the first time, this is an interactive fiction adventure. I will write a scene every day, and my visitors will vote for where they want the story to go next, by leaving a comment on the post. You can start from the beginning here.

Sir Andrew veered left out of the Turtle's room, headed toward the Turkey who now appeared to be brazenly taking a nap on the balcony. Suddenly, he heard a hissing noise and around the corner in front of him came the two snakes he'd dealt with earlier in the day.
"THERE HE ISSSSSS...," one shout-hissed.
Sir Andrew bolted out onto the balcony next to the sleeping Turkey and ever so quickly and quietly tied his rope to the balcony railing and scampered down the side of the castle. He climbed into the window just below the Turkey's balcony and with a smart whip of his wrist, released the rope from the railing.
He pushed a chair in front of a curtain, and then dashed behind the hanging just as some sort of reptile with a gruff voice walked in - "Where is he? He can't have gotten far...!"

What should our brave hero do?
Wait here - it's a good hiding spot!
As soon as the coast is clear, Wander to another part of the castle.

Alrighty! We only have four letters left to find Queen Eileen and stop this battle! What do you think is the best way to do that? Vote in the comments below and I'll write the next bit of the story tomorrow morning. :)
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