#AtoZChallenge - run eXtra fast!

Ouch. Only one vote last night. Getting close to the end of the Challenge :) Comments always peter out a bit at this point. Still, three more bits of story, so let's see what happens!

For those who are here for the first time, this is an interactive fiction adventure. I will write a scene every day, and my visitors will vote for where they want the story to go next, by leaving a comment on the post. You can start from the beginning here.

Sir Andrew ducked against the wall just outside the door to the Turtle's quarters. "Squirrel, I need you to be a distraction for me. Run over to the corner by the vegetables, and make Turtle look at you. Join me after I get through the door on the other side. Got it?"
The Squirrel gave a squeak of consent. He gave a full-body salute that included his bushy tail, and darted off into the room. Within moments Andy heard the Turtle rumble as Squirrel caught his attention, and took that as his cue to dart into the room.
The Queen (right) and friends.
Sir Andrew ran as fast as he could, along the left side of the room and over to the tapestried wall. Just as he'd thought, there was a door hidden behind a slit in the artwork. The sound of the Squirrel's distracting chattering disappeared as Andy made it through, and found himself in a room even more beautifully decorated than the first. Gold leafing adorned the ceiling and the sill around the window. The floor was covered in rich pillows, and pacing in front of the window was none other than Queen Eileen.
Sir Andrew dropped to his knee, splaying his cape out behind him in what he hoped was a sufficiently knightly manner. He bowed and said, "My Queen."
Queen Eileen turned to Andrew, her blue sapphire collar glinting in the sunlight. She walked toward him and said, "Stand, Sir Andrew. We must get me out of here. The carnage of the battle is terrible." Andrew stood and went to the window to look. The T-Rex was still tossing over any small creatures that attempted to get past, and he could see that the reptiles were now employing the Giraffe's tactic of allowing smaller creatures to run up the Brontosaurus's long neck to reach the rampart. Small furred creatures littered the courtyard and were being dragged away by the smallest denizens of the castle.
Just then Squirrel ran in and said, "The Turtle - he can fit through this door! We must go now!"
"What is your plan for escape, Sir Andrew?"
"We will send the Squirrel out to let Gorilla know to wait for us, and then..."

And then what?
Make a beeline for Yonder wall.
or Get You down to the courtYard and escape out a side door.

Finally got the Queen! What will you do to get her out of the castle, friends?
Vote in the comments below :)
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