#AtoZChallenge - Save Queen Eileen!

Today is one of those days where ALL THE THINGS happen at once! It's IWSG first-Wednesday, posting here, and I have a post up at the Main Challenge blog! Spoiler alert: contains mention of Wayne's World. Check it out :)

For IWSG all I'll say today is - SO much going on, SO many ideas, HOW does it all get done??

For those who are here for the first time, this is an interactive fiction adventure. I will write a scene every day, and my visitors will vote for where they want the story to go next, by leaving a comment on the post. You can start from the beginning here.

"General Gorilla, we need to rescue Queen Eileen. The Dinosaurs have had her for three days, and her little puppy heart can't take much longer, I'm sure." Sir Andrew adjusted his cape around his shoulders, assuming a more Princely stance.
"Yes, Sir Andrew." Gorilla bowed deeply with a glint in his eye. He responded in his gravel voice, "Just say the word and we'll attack. I've always wanted to get into that castle."
Sir Andrew looked at his most loyal advisor and said, "Dog, you always know what's best. What do you think we should do?"

How should Dog respond? "Thank you sir, I believe the correct action is to...
"..run up a Flag of truce and try to negotiate for Queen Eileen's release"?
or "...attack now and Fight to the end"?

Vote in the comments for your favorite option! Voting closes at 8:30 MTN/10:30 EDT! 9pm was turning out to be too close to bedtime, gotta back it up half an hour. Thanks, everyone :)

Voting has closed on this post! Please click here to move to the next post in the story :)
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