#AtoZChallenge - Fight!

For those who are here for the first time, this is an interactive fiction adventure. I will write a scene every day, and my visitors will vote for where they want the story to go next, by leaving a comment on the post. You can start from the beginning here.

"You heard him, Gorilla. We fight," Andy said.
"Yes, sir!" Gorilla brought his massive hand just above his eyes in a sharp salute and sauntered away, bellowing "Troops! To me! To me!"
Giraffe walked slowly toward Gorilla, his head swaying languidly high in the air in time with his steps. A small bird perched on his back and chirped merrily about the upcoming battle. Lion walked proudly next to Giraffe, flexing his muscles and looking down his nose at Gorilla, and various small dogs and other furry creatures swarmed on the ground between them.
"It's time to rescue Queen Eileen, Dog! They have had her for too long. How do you advise we begin the attack?"

Where should they attack first?
Straight at the Gate,
The Garrets at the top corners of the walls,
or on the Ground, surrounding the whole castle.

Cast your vote in the comments below! Voting closes at 8:30pm MDT/10:30pm EDT.

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