2016 #AtoZChallenge - The great Hoist!

For those who are here for the first time, this is an interactive fiction adventure. I will write a scene every day, and my visitors will vote for where they want the story to go next, by leaving a comment on the post. You can start from the beginning here.

"Gorilla! I need your help! To me, and horse!" Andy shouted over the crowd.
Gorilla rushed to his side and said, "What is it Sir?"
"The Squirrels! Do you see? They can't get past the top of the wall. I need you and Horse to hoist me up to the edge so I can see what is threatening them there."
After a brief logistical conference with Horse, Gorilla climbed aboard his back. He gripped Horse's mane with his dexterous toes and with a "hup!" popped Andy up above the edge of the wall. Andy gripped the edge of the wall so he could actually flip over it, and was immediately glad he hadn't just allowed himself to fall over.
Just past the lip of the wall were snakes. Lots. Of. Snakes.
One of them saw him and attempted to strike, but hit the leather of his boots and thankfully was unable to penetrate. A squirrel popped up next to Andy and hid behind his boot for safety.

What should Sir Andrew do?
Ignore them and walk long the edge to somewhere safe
or jump Into the fray and do away with as many as he can?

Vote for the next direction for the story in the comments below! Voting will close at 8:30pm MDT/10:30pm EDT.
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