#AtoZChallenge - Blue Bottle

Wow! Y'all were all about the Blue Bottle! Which I'm actually pretty excited about because you unlocked an Easter Egg - a little extra tidbit about Blue Bottle, which I've left you at the end of the post. Let's find out about that bottle...

Amy picked up the blue bottle on the table, ignoring its scrappier counterparts. Swirls of lighter color and the slight uneven curve at the bottle's neck gave it a handmade quality. Several loops of dark ribbon, adorned with buttons and other bobs, circled the neck in a manner not unlike a necklace. When Amy looked at a lantern through the bottle, she could see that it contained a viscous gas which seemed to glitter a bit as it oozed about the container. The cork stopper glittered a bit as well. Amy found herself at once both curious and uncertain about the possibility of pulling the cork.

What should she do?
Pull the Cork to examine its Contents?
or Continue examining other Curiosities?

Vote with your comments below, and I'll use your votes to inform the story for the letter C!
Voting has closed for this post! Please visit the Pull the Cork post to continue reading :)

Easter Egg:
When I attended summer camp one of my favorite camp friends used to sing a song called Blue Bottle. This is the refrain:
I have a little present here for you
Inside this tiny bottle, so very small and blue
Please do not uncork it, simply put it on away.
For inside there lies a summer's day.
Put it on away...

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