#AtoZChallenge - Pulling the Cork

Ooh that was a closer vote, y'all! Let's find out what is in the bottle!

The trip to the bazaar was all about taking risks and experiencing new things, so Amy decided to pull the cork from the lovely blue bottle in her hand. At first nothing happened. She peered down the neck of the bottle and swirled it about a bit to see what the liquid would do before taking a quick sniff. Ugghhh.. Stale perfume and cigarettes! How could something so pretty smell so terrible? She moved to put the cork back in its place. 
But the bottle started vibrating and shook itself out of her hand, falling to the ground with a clatter. It rolled against a table leg and the liquid began oozing out. It rapidly expanded until with a sudden pop! and a gust of stale air, it changed into a human form, right before her eyes. A tall, beautiful man, in a flowing blue sequined dress with a tuft of feathers at the rump.
"Ohh.. Sugar.. Thank you so much! It's been aaages since I got stuck in there and you know being cramped up like that is bad for my style! Just look what it's done to my dress!" The.. genie..? Used one lengthy, elaborately painted fingernail to gesture to some intricate beadwork along the back strap of his dress.
Amy's eyes widened and her jaw dropped as she stammered, "Well, yes. Yes, I imagine it would be bad for your dress!"
"Now Sugar, could you just fix the sequins on the back of this here dress for Cal? That's a good girl."
Amy reached a tentative hand to straighten the sequins as Cal said, "Don't be shy now! Ohh.. You humans and your gender binaries. Ain't you ever seen a man in a dress? There's nothin' in this world that makes me feel more ready to work some magic than some sequins and a good coat of lipstick. I'm just going to put on my face while you fix those up." He waved a hand in front of his face, leaving it covered with sparkly eye shadow and a deep red lipstick that perfectly complimented his dark complexion. 
"Thank you kindly for straightening me up. Now. What can Cal do for you today, Sugar? One wish, or question, or fantasy. Then I've got a social engagement to attend to, so decide quick, darlin'."

Decide quick!
To see your Dear old Dad again?
Or ask for Diamonds and riches?
Be free from Disease and Decrepitude?

Post your votes in the comments below! I'll tally them after 8pm Mountain Time and use your input to write my D post!

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